Welcome 3rd Grade Families!

Welcome to the 20-21 school year! I’m so excited to meet you during our orientation and to get to know you!

PARENT HOMEWORK: Parents, I’m compiling a class mass email/contact list. I already have a lot of email addresses that were provided from school records. But, if there are any additional email addresses that you would like added to our class email list so you receive my periodic class emails, please email me directly. sserwinski@greenwoodscharter.org. I will be sending out our first class email by the end of the day on 8/24. So, if you don’t get it, please check your spam or email me to add your email address.

I look forward to hearing from you!

The power of words!

We learned that our words are very powerful and it’s difficult to take back your words and fix the damage that’s done. We used toothpaste to represent our words. We squeezed all of it out and then tried to put it back in. Let’s just say it was easier said than done. Lesson learned!

Parent Email Addresses Please!

Dear New Third Grade Families,

Welcome to 3rd grade and the 2019-2020 school year!  I’m preparing our classroom and all the little details for the arrival of your kiddos next week.  I need your help with one task, and that is gathering your email addresses.  The easiest way to compile all of your email addresses for my class email list is for you to email me.  Please email me at sserwinski@greenwoodscharter.org and share any/all email addresses that you check often in order to receive periodic emails from me about our classroom.  Thanks for your help!