Go Math family letters for each chapter

Check out these family letters for each chapter.  They will help you understand key vocabulary, each chapter’s learning objectives, and examples to help you coach your child.

Go Math Family Letters


The Book Fair is coming!

Our class is scheduled to preview the Book Fair and make wish lists on Tuesday, 10/10.  Our day to purchase books is Thursday, 10/12.  If you’re interested in having your child purchase books, check their wish list and send in the appropriate amount on Thursday 10/12.  There are two Family Nights, 10/10 and 10/11. Happy reading!

2017 Book Fair Coin Challenge

2017 Fall Coin Challenge

Once again the PTA will hold a Coin Challenge to raise money for the Fall Book Fair.  We will collect coins from students throughout the week to get them ready to Saddle Up and Read!

Each student in the classroom with the highest total will receive a $5.00 voucher to spend at the Book Fair!

All money collected will be used to purchase books for Green Woods.  In addition, Scholastic will match our total amount and purchase books for underprivileged schools.

Thanks for supporting this Coin Challenge:

Monday, Sept 25: Pennies

Tuesday, Sept 26: Nickels

Wednesday, Sept 27: Dimes

Thursday, Sept 28: Quarters

Friday, Sept 29: Anything!

Happy 1st Day of Third Grade!

We had a wonderful first day together!  Here are a few notes:

  1. Home Folder– Your child will bring this back and forth from school to home each day. Each pocket is labeled. HOLD means your child will need the paper again so PLEASE leave it in the folder.  HOME means it needs attention from someone at home, or it can be left at home.
  2. Parents’ homework: Please check class website and complete the parent survey.
  3. Snack Time– We take a break in the morning for a snack and restroom break.  Please pack your child an extra snack.  Please be aware, the classroom snack should be free from any shellfish due to students with allergies.
  4. Allergies– In addition to shellfish, student are very sensitive to strong perfumes and lotions and may cause asthmatic reactions or rash.  Please be aware of lotions and fragrant hand sanitizers you send in with your child.
  5. Gym– Our class has gym on Day 2.  Your child will need to wear sneakers and gray bottoms for gym.  We have gym tomorrow, 9/6/17.

Thank you for your cooperation with these important notes about our class. Once I get all of your email addresses, I will send out group class emails with reminders and updates.